Commissioning of The Ayensuano District Court Complex, Coaltar

The Ayensuano District Assembly has inaugurated a state-of-the-art District Court Complex, a project aimed at improving access to justice and enhancing the efficiency of justice delivery in the district. The event, organized by the District Assembly, was graced by the presence of Her Lordship Justice Gertrude Torkornu, the esteemed Chief Justice of the nation, along with […]

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Meeting with Chiefs within the Ayensuano District Assembly

To ensure a well planned and lay out District , the District Chief Executive placed a courtesy call on the Chiefs of the various communities within the assembly for meeting to ddiscuss:

how to ensure that all communities within the assembly are well planned to avoid,

litigation of lands 

control sand winning

indiscriminate erecting of structures and 

the general development of the Ayensuano District assembly.

Below are some shots taking during thus August Meeting.  



Green Ghana Project at Ayensuano District Assembly

As part of government efforts to ensure that our lands and vegetation are protected, it initiated an annual tree planting project to make up of the ones lost in the course of the year.  The DCE together with management and staff of the assembly took part in this year’s project to ensure that the government initiative becomes a reality. Apart from this project ensuring that lost trees are re[placed it’s also good for the following reasons;

prevent soil erosion

purifies the air we breath in 

servers as wind break in a stormy weather etc. It’s a good project and the assembly encourages all to come on board to save our motherland. Below are some pictures taken during the exercise; 



Ghana Jobs and Skills Projects Training. (You Start) Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Program

As part of Government policy to ensure that unemployment is reduced to it barest minimum , a youth employment program was organized for some youth within the assembly who had business ideas but lack funds to ensure their dreams became a reality.  It was a nationwide exercise and every district was to train qualified participant, give them certificates and the necessary funds to support their dreams. This exercise was carried out at the assembly through the development planning unit. Below are some pictures taken during and after the training;  


Reshaping of Ntowkrom and Bepoase Road

To ensure that roads within the district assembly are motor-able , the assembly embarked on an reshaping exercise to ensure that most major and minor roads within the constituency are in good shape without necessary being tarred. Below are some shots taken during the reshaping exercise at the Coaltar-Ntowkrom- Bepaose road.         […]

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